Sales Account Organizer

What is Sale Account Organizer?

Sales Account Organizer is a record keeping and accounting program that will help you run every aspect of your business. From managing supplies to analyzing data, processing sales and managing client data, along with easy accounting and record keeping tools. Sales Account Organizer will help you manage every aspect if your business from the ground up.

Why Us?

Why Should you use Sales Account Organizer?

Quick & Easy To Understand

Easy enough to understand that your employees can learn to use it within the span of minutes.

Easy Stock Management

Keep track of your company’s stock movement’s as part of your everyday operations, or modify your stock records yourself.

24/7 Support

Our support team is ready to answer any questions you have every day to make sure that you receive the support you need.

Complete Reporting

Sales Account Organizer can quickly collate and present vital data about your company’s everyday business life with one of it’s many report making programs.

Speed up your record keeping process

Create a detailed record of your recent transactions in our easy to use ‘Transaksi Penjualan’ or ‘Transaksi Pembelian’ modules that come complete with an optional Value Added Tax calculator and a simple form and code based user interface.

Write professional looking invoices and print them out in minutes, or save them in one of five different formats (Excel, rich text, Comma separated values, and more!) to attach to an email.

Quickly create and maintain a database of your supplier and customer’s addresses and phone numbers

Keep a comprehensive list of your stock movements using the ‘Barang’ module

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