Sale Account Organizer

Sales Account Organizer is a business managament software that will help you run every aspect of your business. From managing supplies to analyzing data, processing sales and managing client data, along with easy accounting and record keeping tools. Sales Account Organizer will help you manage every aspect if your business from the ground up.

Why Should you use Sales Account Organizer?

Quick And Easy To Understand

Our program is easy enough to understand that your employees can learn to use it within the span of minutes.

Complete Reporting

Sales Account Organizer can quickly collate and present vital data about your company’s everyday business life with one of it’s many report making programs.

Easy Stock Management

Keep track of your company’s stock movement’s as part of your everyday operations, or modify your stock records yourself.

24/7 Support

Our team is ready to answer any questions you have every day to make sure that you receive the support you need.

Sales Account Organizer's Key Features

Transactional Modules

Easily create a detailed record of your transactions in our easy to use 'Transaksi Penjualan' or 'Transaksi Pembelian' modules that come complete with an optional Value Added Tax calculator and a simple form and code based user interface.

Comperehensive Accounting

Helps reduce time-consuming manual accounting processes such as bookkeeping, asset depreciation calculations, others by using our easy to understand accounting modules to prepare comprehensive financial reports.

Robust Implementation

Can easily handle large amounts of transactions made by multiple users at once, and can be implemented for small, medium to large companies.

Accurate Stock Management

Keep a comprehensive list of your stock movements using the many programs in the'Barang' module, and save valuable time with automated stock tracking and serial number generation.


We provide a ready-made Retail version that is constantly being improved by our developer team. However, for more discerning buyers, our SAO ERP version software can be readily customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

While both versions have everything a business will need for their day to day activities, SAO Retail’s modules were designed to meet the needs of a small scale business or the day to day activities of a store, such as the counter sales module. By comparison, SAO ERP offers a more comprehensive list of customer data tracking and financial modules tailored for the needs of a growing enterprise, along with an updated UI.

Installation service by our team of IT Experts to set up the server and a single corporate database. along with the server-side license needed to create multiple users and distribute copies of the program among your staff.

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